Allié.e are underwear designed to make those who wear them feel good, regardless of their  body type. Here, it is the sensation of the body which drives the creation of each style, not the  creation that constrains the body. 

A creed can be found around how the two creators of the brand, Lisa and Perrine. They met in a shared studio space on l'avenue Durocher in Montreal,  where each one was head of operations of a lingerie company. Quickly, they realized that  beyond that space, they also shared the same passion and vision of what good underwear  should be, both from a human and ecological point of view. It was therefore only natural that  after two years of exchange and mutual aid, they decided to join forces to create allié.e, based  on their respective work.

In 2017 Lisa started Alibi, an inclusive lingerie brand made for women who have been affected  by breast cancer. The origin of the brand was based and on observations made while working  with these women: 

Their difficulty in finding lingerie adapted to their needs, especially after flat closure. She  decided to offer more options and variations to resolve this concern by introducing elegant  styles that are comfortable and adapted to zero, one or two breasts. Alibi become the first  Canadian brand to offer an alternative to external breast prosthesis. Through her work Lisa is committed to support women in their choices, process of acceptance  and reappropriation of their body, as well as contributing to promote a healthy and diverse  overall body image.

Perrine commits to revise the conventional lingerie codes and the concept of seduction that  goes with it, to offer an underwear line adapted to respect all body and skin types. After studying  in fashion design and pattern making in Paris, her specialization continued in couture through  the creation of costumes for the Cirque du Soleil in Montreal. In 2015, she founded Bunny and  Claude. The goal was: offering underwear so comfortable that are forgotten along the day, with sleek styles and sophisticated details. All this while possessing strong ecological and social  values in order to help make the textile industry more aware and responsible.