Being your ally in every point of view, this is what drives us everyday.

Ally to your body and your well being, ally of the planet and of the living, ally of our partners and local artisans, our commitment is global and uncompromised.

« Your well-being is what matters the most to us »

Our purpose is your well-being. And to ensure this role, we put your experience at the very heart of our project.

First, let's talk about your body experience. We believe it's not up to the body to adapt themself to the underwear, rather  the underwear has to be developed for the body to express itself and move freely.  Whether or not you have been affected by cancer, whether you have zero, one or two breasts, whether or not you wear a breast prosthesis. The choice of cuts, materials and finishings is intended to offer the comfort you need to listen to your sensations and requirements.

Since taking care of your body also means taking care of the image you have of it, we are committed to promoting a healthy and real representation of this matter. We are signatories to the "Quebec charter for a healthy and diverse body image" and are committed to highlight all body types with utmost respect and kindness

Lastly, to ensure that your well being is complete, we value first and foremost your customer experience. Listening, availability, personalized advice… Do not hesitate to come and meet us, ask your questions, give your opinion and feedback on our products. We develop our products for you, with you.

« Be part of an ecoresponsible social fabric »

At allié e we are convinced that everything is connected and that one's well-being is inseparable from that of others. Everything is a question of balance and harmony, which the answer lies both in respect for people and for the environment.

The respect of humans is first and foremost having respect for the way we consume. Hence why we offer clean raw materials and offer complete transparency as regards to the composition of our fabrics, their origin and their manufacturing process. nevertheless the respect of humans is also and above all for our collaborators who are all based in Montreal. They guarantee fair salaries to their employees and are qualified and skilled in their trade which are traits we cherish and value.

Respect for the environment goes hand in hand by choosing raw materials whether it be organic, recycled when possible, and or from factories on a human scale. Being allies of the environment also means being part of a more global slow-fashion approach. With Timeless collections, durable underwear, getting tips for choosing the right fit, maintaining and repairing them rather than throwing them away. By introducing these principals is how we combine beauty, comfort and conservation. Since details bring greatness, we pay particular attention to our minimalist, recycled and compostable packaging, and favor delivery by bike in Montreal in a define area.